Farm Animal Checks

Farm Animal Check Designs

Pig Checks

Cartoon looking pig with long eyelashes and a sheepish grin on her face. She’s holding a paintbrush, as if she just painted the purple and green swirled background. This is a single design. Address labels and a checkbook cover are also available.

Farm Animal Checks

This set of farm animal checks have four different rotating designs.

#1. Two goats standing in a grassy field.
#2. A young cow laying in the field.
#3. A white chicken, most likely a hen, coming over a wooden fence, with a red barn in the background.
#4. A row of pigs looking intently at you!

Farm Animal Personal Checks

Another series of farm animals.

1. Two pigs in a grassy field.
2. A cow standing in a field with high grassy hills in the background.
3. A lamb standing in a field with a background of trees.
4. A group of chickens with several red barns and a wooden fence in the background.

Farm Animal Babies Checks

Sweet little ones of farm animals. Four different rotating designs as cute as the babies themselves. Each check has a multitude of different farm animals include, cows, ducks, pigs, rabbits, chickens, horses, puppies and kittens.

Jim Shore’s Barnyard Checks

Adorable farm animal checks designed by Jim Shore. There are four different very colorful and patterned designs with each one also featuring sunflowers.

1. Cow with a bell around it’s neck and a quilt laid across it’s back.
2. Fluffy white lamb carrying a coverlet with flowers on it.
3. A pig who’s coverlet features a country scene with a farmhouse and red barn.
4. A very colorful rooster standing tall.

Le Rooster Checks

Four rotating images of very colorful and beautiful roosters. Designed by Susan Winget and are a little masterpiece all in their own.